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Project Description
LinkedIn® for Windows Mobile brings your LinkedIn® account to your Window Mobile powered phone. See networkupdates / connections / profile etc.

Created using C#, .NET Compact Framework 3.5 and the Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

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Last changes
Version 0.9.1 includes :
  • Upgraded the search api to the new "People Search API" from LinkedIn
  • Fixed crash on updates panel. (Due to breaking interface change of API)
  • Fixed waitcursor problem on authentication screen. (As far as I could test)

Version 0.9 included :
  • Fixed Status update
  • GSensor support (Only for HTC, requieres soft reset)
  • Customizable fontname and fontsize (Through registry)
  • Invitations support


The program is an attempt to combine different Codeplex projects into a working application.

The LinkedIn® for Windows Mobile program will communicate with the LinkedIn® Developer API using it's own set of authentication tokens.
These tokens will be created upon the first usage of the program (See Usage) and can only be used by this program.
At any time you can revoke the tokens by accessing your the following page
or browse to your own LinkedIn® profile and on the Settings page goto Authorized Applications and remove the LinkedInM entry on the External Websites group.

First time use :
Upon the first startup of the application you will be asked to allow the program access to the internet as well as to your LinkedIn® profile.
Your default webbrowser will be started and will point to the LinkedIn servers in order for you to login in.
Copy the verifiercode given to you by LinkedIn®, paste it into the application and press 'Ok'
From this time forward the program will use it's own authentication tokens to communicate with the LinkedIn® API.

Regular use:
Use the menu on the left bottom side to move to the different pages.
Pressing the 'X' will only hide the application, while pressing Exit will really close the application.

What you get ...
  • Network updates
  • See your profile.
  • Browse your own connections.
  • See the profile of your connections.
  • Search for people by name.
  • Update your own status.
  • Invitations

... and do not get (yet)

Due to the limitations of the LinkedIn® Developer API, or at least the information available through the API, not all functionality can be implemented.
Other items are not implemented due to a time constraint.
  • Any information about the connections of your own connections.
  • Restricted amount of search results and number of searches.


The program requires the .NET Compact Framework 3.5 in order to run.

Download the CAB file and copy it over to your phone. Run it from File Explorer, accept that it's from an untrusted publisher and proceed with the install.

Using the registry you can change the behaviour / settings of the application.
All registry keys are located under : HKCU\Software\LinkedIn for Windows Mobile .
The following keys and values are supported :

Key Value Description
DumpMessages (True / False) To inspect the different messages send to and received from the LinkedIn servers.
DumpPath (Any directory on your device) The application will create a Log and Dump folder to contain the different files.
FontFamily (Trebuchet MS) Defaults to "Trebuchet MS" but can be any installed font.
MainScreen (Search / Status / Connections / Profile / Updates ) The default action to perform when starting up the application.
MaxNrOfSearchResults (Any positive number, default 50) Controls the amount of results to be retrieved when searching.
MaxNrOfUpdates (Any positive number, default 50) Controls the amount of results to be retrieved when retrieving the updates.
NormalFontSize (Any positive number) Controls the size of e.g. Person names and headings
SmallFontSize (any positive number) Controls the size of e.g. Textblocks


Authentication Issues
Sometimes the authentication process (first time users) will fail.
As a last attempt you could delete the registry keys below "HKCU\Software\LinkedIn for Windows Mobile\Tokens" and restart the application.
This will make sure that all previous authenticationtokens will be removed and the authentication process will start from scratch.

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