installation code wrong first time, linkedin app. blocked

Oct 15, 2011 at 10:06 AM

Dear guys,

I also had the installation code problem as mentioned by others on my HTC Touch2. There is now way to scroll to the left and see the code. I succesfull solved it by changing the settings on my browser. If you set "view internet pages as a mobile" you can see the code. Only problem, because I did wrong the first time there is no way to correct it. I tried to deinstall an re-install again, changing the browser history, no way. I tried to put in 5-6 times a new code. No way. My Linkedin application remains blocked. After the code appears on the code page, I click "close page" and he does not find the page in which you should put the code in. The only way is to start linkedin again, then you can find the page and put in the code. The application runs without giving any message of error, but after a while it stops. I am looking forward to using linkedin on my mobile, can anyone suggest how to solve this? Thanks in advance Taurinella